PANA! was a dream that began in 2004. Diego and Alejandro started the band with two fellow high school friends. After graduating they met Gonzalo at the University of Connecticut while taking common courses. PANA! continued throughout their college years, and the band completed their first major song, "Se." Diego, Alejandro and Gonzalo's commitment to the band led to the further development of their music throughout college. The three band members played the guitar, and they were the only members who remained dedicated enough to continue the project that is PANA!, its music, and its vision. Three guitar players could not do what PANA! wanted to accomplish, so changes were made. Diego remained at the guitar, Gonzalo took on the bass and vocals, and Alejandro became a vocalist and drummer. Once these new instruments were learned and mastered, the band had its first major gig in January of 2008 in Stamford, CT.


PANA! was inspired by Rock en Español (also known as Latin Rock), and did many covers throughout their first years as a band in order to attract a crowd. Their debut album “Tres Vivos” in 2010, was a combination of different sounds ranging from hard rock, to reggae, to cumbia, to salsa. It was an experimental album where the band members were still looking for that PANA! sound that would make them unique.


Over the past few years, PANA! has performed at festivals in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida, including Hard Rock Cafe Boston, Telemundo, The Gramercy Theatre, Musikfest, and Jazid in search of an audience ready to embrace their sound. In the process, they have made consistent improvements to their technique and continued the development of their sound.


They like to define their sound as Fresh-Latin-Party-Rock. The band draws their inspiration from a multitude of different artists such as Santana, Sublime, Steve Vai, Hector Lavoe, and Bob Marley. PANA!'s live performances are filled with energy and party tunes with messages of love, social consciousness, and living life positively.


Diego, Alejandro and Gonzalo each contribute to the composition and lyrics of PANA!’s songs, and it is the concord of sounds, words and ideas that makes PANA! unique, edgy, creative and versatile. PANA! is continually progressing as a group, and each of its members are also developing individually, giving the group a direction toward success. Their personal endeavors and their joint determination as PANA! has inspired the group to create a second album “Nuevos Caminos” which will be released in 2014. This project will focus on the theme of love and women, and will have PANA!’s musical characteristics of being an upbeat-feel-good music album.

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